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If you have a problem with drugs and/or alcohol you can avail of a range of services including the Drop In, where you can access food, shower and laundry facilites and get assistance from one of the project workers on issues you may have on any given day. If you are an IV drug user you can avail of our Needle Exchange Service in Boghall Road, Monday to Friday 10am until 5pm. If you would like One-to-One Support you can avail of our key-working/case management service. In addition BCAT can offer you other supports such as Outreach and Home Visits. For more information on the BCAT approach and the evidence based interventions and approaches which we use, go to the section on Our Approach, for more information on services go to Services section and for more information on mutual aid support go to the section on SMART Recovery

  • You can use BCAT’s Drop-In service during opening hours without prior appointment. For many people, this is the first contact they have with BCAT. The Drop-In is what is called a ‘low-threshold’ service – you can come here for any reason and at any stage in your drug use and all you must do is abide by the Charter of Rights.
  • People use the Drop-In for a variety of reasons, for example;- somewhere to be; to meet other people; when they are experiencing immediate difficulties; for information and advice.
  • For whatever reason you use the drop-in, you are most welcome
  • While accessing the drop in you have access to food, laundry facilities, and shower facilities

Opening Times

37 Beechwood Close,                       
Boghall Road

Monday:        Closed
Tuesday:       Closed
Wednesday:   2pm -5pm
Thursday:  :   Closed 
Friday:           Closed

4B Dublin Road

Monday:       10.15 am-12.30  and 2pm -5pm
Tuesday:      10.15 am-12.30  and 2pm -5pm
Wednesday: Closed 
Thursday:     10.15 am-12.30  and 2pm -5pm
Friday:          10.15 am-12.30  and 2pm -5pm
Saturday:      12.30 - 2.30pm: