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Prison Links

If you are in prison for a drug/acohol related crime and drugs/alcohol are a problem for you can avail of the Prison Links service.  The Prison Links Worker will work with you on:-:

  • addiction specific issues (harm reuction, stabilisation, relapse prevention)
  • goal setting
  • sentence management
  • establishing post-release care plans
  • transition back into the community
  • family liaison

You can contact the Prison Links worker on the BCAT number.


For more information on this service go to the Prison Links page on this site.

Key Working with people in places of detention is determined by the needs of the client. The Prison Links Worker assists clients in achieving goals which they have set out and prepares realistic post release plans. These goals may vary from client to client and include linking clients into various agencies, assisting them with financial difficulties, informing them of their social welfare entitlements, assisting them to receive drug treatment in the community and to secure accommodation in the community upon their release. Linking in with family members is also a vital part of the Prison Links role both to provide support to the family and to put support mechanisms in place for the client when they return to the home environment.

Key Working is offered to people in places of detention to prepare them for release back into the community. It is to encourage clients to actively participate in the development of care plans specific to their needs. The Prison Links Worker aims to develop open and trusting relationships with the clients and their families and to establish a working relationship with relevant agencies providing services relating to clients needs.

The Prison Links Worker works with people on the following issues:

  • Coping mechanisms whilst in prison
  • Information & Access to services in the prison
  • Housing/Homelessness/Accommodation
  • Legal issues/Court appearances
  • Social Welfare entitlements/Financial issues
  • Information on residential drug free treatment programmes in the community
  • Health related matters
  • Family difficulties
  • Access to education whilst in prison and upon release
  • Access to employment upon release
  • Relapse prevention