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Framework for Service Delivery

BCAT recognises the entrenched, multi-faceted and complex personal, inter-personal, and social problems which many people with drug/alcohol problems are required to deal with while aspiring to improve their quality of life. We are a service user led service, with the core ethos being that of welcome and acceptance irrespective of drug use status or motivation to change. Given the multi-faceted problems associated with problem drug/alcohol use for many, BCAT works with people in a person-centred, collaborative, inclusive and holistic manner, and responds with appropriate services, both individual and collective, based on service user need.

Open Access/Low Threshold

BCAT is an accessible service, operating from two sites in Bray. Low-threshold services (drop-in) open five days per week in Little Bray and one day per week in Bogahll Road and this service does not operate a waiting list. All people with drug/alcohol problems are welcome to use the drop-in service as and when they wish.

Reducing Risk

BCAT provides services to all drug/alcohol users, irrespective of where they consider themselves to be on the Wheel of Change, and encourages positive change at all stages of drug/alcohol use. Interventions are viewed within the context of the long term objective of enhancing current and thereby future quality of life of the individual, the family and the wider community

Work Practices

Work practices involve working to address a range of complex problems while at the same time maximizing strengths and resilience. Work practices are voluntary, collaborative and pragmatic and are focussed on best outcomes for the service user.

Staff Competencies

All of the staff at BCAT are trained and certified in evidence based practices. This means that we are working with you using the approaches which have been most scrutinised and trialled in the addiction field and which have demonstrated their effectiveness in helping people overcome addictive behaviour. It also means that all of the staff have undergone rigorous training and supervision and their work is supervised closely within the team.