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Vision and Mission

Vision Statement

A community owned service, accepting, empowering and including people in the Bray area who seek assistance in relation to substance use and/or addiction issues.

Mission Statement

To provide a welcoming, non-judgmental confidential environment in which to offer appropriate services to individuals, families and the wider community affected by substance misuse and addiction issues.


  • To enable service users to identify their needs and to respond with appropriate services
  • To build and maintain collaborative working relationships with voluntary, community and statutory sectors.
  • To raise awareness of BCAT within the community
  • To maintain models of best practice and to respond to changing needs through ongoing research, education, training and evaluation.
  • To promote a positive working environment by recognising staff contribution


  • To provide open access low threshold evidence based services to people in Bray affected by drug and/or alcohol problems
  • To deliver evidence based interventions to the target group in a one to one and group To vide outreach services to people with drug/alcohol problems
  • To provide addiction support to people in prison for drug/alcohol related crime
  • To provide addiction/integration support to people on release from prison
  • To provide evidence based interventions on a one to one and group setting to people experiencing homelessness
  • To provide evidence based interventions on a one to one and group setting to family members affected by their relative’s drug/alcohol use
  • To raise awareness/educate the local community on drug/alcohol related issues
  • To work in partnership with local key stakeholders to improve outcomes for mutual client group or any other external parties that will enable us to improve our quality and range of services