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Bray Community Addiction Team (BCAT) is a company limited by guarantee with charitable status.  BCAT is managed by a voluntary Board of Directorswhose role is to lead the organisation to achieve its Mission and Vision through strategic planning, monitoring and evaluation; adhering to legal and regulatory requirements; human resource management; managing risk; and financial management and reporting.  To this end the Management Committee meets 6 times per year and three sub committees of the Management Committee meet a further 6 times per year and feed back to the Management Committee.  The three sub committees are a) Finance, Audit & Risk b) Strategy, Resource and Governance c) Quality and Safety.  

Board of Directors

Donal Quill - Director and Interim Chair (Community)

Miriam Kane - Director - Treasurer (Community)

Mary O’Carolan - Director (Bray Partnership LESN)

Christy Moorehouse - Director - (DAISH)

Eammon Madigan - Director ( Community)

Pauline Long - Director (Community)

Ray Kenny - Director (Community)

Finance Audit and Risk Sub-Committee

Terms of Reference

Agree the annual budget with Manager, Administrator  before it is submitted to the Board of Directors for approval.

 Agree budget changes with the Manager, Administrator before they are submitted to the Board of Directors for approval.

 Review new organisational policies or changes to organisational policies before they are submitted to the Board of Directors for approval.

 Maintain a Risk Register to track the strategic risks of the organisation for review and consideration by the Board of Directors

 Monitor and review the accuracy of the financial statements of the organisation and announcements about the organisation’s financial performance and  financial controls

 Monitor and review control and risk management systems.

 Monitor and review the effectiveness of the organisation’s internal audit role;

 Monitor and review the external auditor’s independence and the effectiveness of the audit process;

 Monitor and review arrangements by which staff of the organisation may, in confidence, raise concerns about possible improprieties in matters of financial reporting or other matters. (The committee will make sure that there are arrangements for independent investigation of such matters and for appropriate follow-up action).

 Approve the terms of engagement of the external auditor.

 Make recommendations to the board about the appointment, pay and conditions of the external auditor. The Board of Directors then puts these recommendations to the members for their approval in a general meeting. (The organisation’s annual report should include a description of the Finance, Audit and Risk Subcommittee’s work.)

 In addition The Finance, Audit and Risk subcommittee will meet quarterly to:

 To review the previous quarter’s activity

 To consider and decide on any adjustments required for the coming quarter

 To consider any broader strategic issues with regard to finance

Membership (Finance, Audit and Risk Sub-Committee)

Miram Kane (Chair and Treasurer)

Ray Kenny

Donal Quill

Staff: Elaine Forsyth, Catherine Nolan

Strategy, Resource and Governance Sub-Committee

Chirsty Moorhouse

Staff:  Elaine Forsyth

Quality and Safety Sub-Committee

Mary O'Carolan

Pauline Long

Eamonn Madigan

Staff: Elaine Forsyth & Staff Members as required

Charities Regulations 2009

BCAT has adopted all aspects of the Good Governance Code for the Community, Voluntary and Charitable Sector and the Charities Regulations. We have self assessed as compliant with the Governance Code and we welcome external validation of same.  The Good Governance Code is designed to assist organisations to be compliant with the Charities Regulations 2009.

For information on the Governance Code see http://www.governancecode.ie/about.php

Our company details are also available to view on www.charitiesregulatoryauthority.ie

Quality Standards in Drugs and Alcohol Services (QuADS) and Safer Better Healthcare (SBHC)

BCAT’s policies and procedures are aligned with QuADS standards and SBHC

For information on QuADS see http://www.drugs.ie/resources

Can you help?

If you have expertise in the areas listed in the sub-groups  above and would like to contribute to BCAT's governance structure please contact us.

charity register number 19428