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Bray Community Addiction Team (BCAT) was established in 2002 through the Bray Local Drugs Task Force (BLDTF)’s Action Plan.  BCAT is located in two sides of Bray so as to serve the two communities most affected by the problems associated with drugs/alcohol misuse.  BCAT is recommended for funding by the BLDATF, and funding is provided by the HSE and the Probation Service.

BCAT has evolved since inception and provides services to individuals, families and the wider community, who are experiencing drug/alcohol problems.  BCAT views drug/alcohol problems from the bio-psychosocial perspective and provides services to people along the continuum of care from harm reduction services to drug free options.  Specifically BCAT provides: Drop In with access to laundry/shower facilities and food; 5 day open access needle exchange service; one-to-one support in the form of key working/case management for people with drug/alcohol problems in the community; key working/case management for people with addiction problems who are homeless; key working for people in prison who have drug/alcohol problems.  In addition BCAT also conducts outreach and home visits. Recognising that there are many paths to recovery, BCAT has been running SMART Recovery meetings, the leading self-empowering addiction recovery support group, providing an alternative to traditional 12 Step recovery support groups. BCAT also provides support to the relatives of people with addiction problems.  Family members are offered one to one support.

BCAT is managed by a voluntary Board of Directors and delivers its essential services through the employment of 12 staff, Tus workers and a number of volunteers.